Engagement Session Tips

Alright guys, today I thought I'd cover something that might be of a help to you if you're recently engaged.

Engagement pictures can be so much fun, but they can also become something that's stressful to you and can bring worry or anxiety about looking good, finding the perfect outfit or simply feeling awkward with someone capturing your intimate moments.

Don't worry! I can guarantee you're not the only one, and I'm going to try and help you from a photographers perspective with what to expect and ways to make it go smoothly and truly enjoy your session.

Tip #1. Either take off work, a half day or leave an hour early.

There is nothing worse than having to rush to get ready for pictures. It adds SO much stress to the whole day and it can generally put you in a bad mood and make you more easily irritated with your significant other. Make things easier on yourself and just leave early if you can.

Tip #2. Be on time.

I can't stress this enough! This goes hand in hand with leaving work a little bit early or having your session on a Saturday or Sunday. Your photographer will generally schedule a session time around when there is the most ideal light. I know that I personally will always try to schedule engagement sessions around the golden light hour. If my clients show up 10-15 minutes late, that kills SO much time of the session and it's so difficult for the photographer to capture lots of portraits when the sun is sinking so quickly. So, please please please! Be on time!

Tip #3. Relax.

As a photographer, I want to give you the most romantic, dreamy images you've ever seen. I want to try and capture all the raw love and emotion between you and your partner, but it's difficult if you're stiff as a board. Now, this is 80% the job of the photographer. It's my goal to make you feel comfortable around me. To make you laugh, relax your shoulders and just feel comfortable being with your love while I'm trying to capture all the things! However, sometimes people just have it in their heads before they even begin that this is going to be awkward and they can just never quite over come it. So, please. Just relax. It makes for the most beautiful images when you can just relax and be yourself with each other.

Tip #4. Trust your photographer.

I know, I just keep speaking as a photographer, how obnoxious. But, really. Hopefully, you've hired this person to capture all your memories because you trust them behind the camera.

Sometimes we (all us photographers) can ask you to do some really weird stuff. I often ask my brides to laugh and lean in towards me while the groom smiles at her. She will often feel silly, and probably wonders how in the world this helps her image, but just trust! If you don't trust your photographer...you need to find a new one! Haha!

I know sometimes we seem as if we as odd, and sometimes even ridiculous things but it's all because we want to capture the most beautiful images for you and your loved one.

I hope these tips helped you! Remember, being engaged is generally a short season in your life so just enjoy it!! It's the beginning stages of a beautiful journey for the two of you, so breath in and love every moment.

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