What details to include for your photographer on your wedding day

I feel like this is something that's never talked about in bridal books or magazines. most of the brides I work for don't know any of this or only bits and pieces, and that's fine! But, I'm writing this to try and help my future brides plan for their big day and I'm certain that if you include some of these few details that I'll list, you'll be happy you did.

In the chaos of the big day, things, details often get over looked or forgotten. It's easy to remember the bridesmaid dresses, the brides dress and of course the venue and party after.

But I don't think that the invitations, the perfume, the grooms shoes and socks, the brides jewelry, I don't think it gets remembered. All those little details that set your day apart and make it so unique get forgotten.

Unless they're photographed.

So, I'm going to type out a few things that I would highly encouraged my brides to bring for their photographer. Whether it's me or somebody else. You'll be so happy you did!

1. Bring your full invitation suite.

What's an invitation suite? I mean save the date, invitation, RSVP card, envelope...the whole thing. It can make for beautiful pictures and a great back ground for your ring shots!

2. Perfume & cologne.

If you're the bride, buy yourself a special perfume that you love. If you're the groom, it'll be cologne you'd be buying. It's such a fun idea. Use that scent for the first time on your wedding day. Every time you smell it, it will take you back to the memories. I also think that perfume or cologne would be a perfect wedding day gift to each other. I love this idea. I've never actually had a bride do this, and I'm dyinnggg for one of my brides to do so! Haha! Now you know the true purpose of this blog post.

3. Jewlery.

Ahhhh. My favorite. Brides, don't put your jewelry on until your photographer has a chance to photograph it all! Earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet...all of it. It makes for stunning additions to an average ring shot, and again, it's another detail that makes your day special.

I'll add to this, wearing a special piece from a loved one who has past is a very sweet way to honor them. One bride, wore her grandmothers ring as a way to remember her.

4. Socks and shoes.

Grooms can often come up with such fun socks and shoes. But especially socks. Make sure your photographer is made aware, and given the opportunity to capture them! That's such a fun detail that a lot of people won't ever see or even know about!

5. Love letters.

I know this can get rather personal. But I think just the idea of giving each other a love letter to read on the day of the wedding can be so beautiful. One of my couples wrote each other a letter and while the grooms back was turned, the bride walked up behind him. They read their letters back to back before turning around for their first look. It was truly beautiful and I loved the idea so much!

6. Your ring box.

Ahhh. I can't stress this enough. If you don't have a pretty ring box, please, invest in one! It's something that I can photograph, but you can also keep as a tangible piece of you wedding day for all the years to come. A pretty ring box makes for the pictures that are just the next level.

7. Shoes.

Okay. This is the last one. It seems like it would be a no brainer, but sometimes it can get lost in the chaos of the getting ready morning. Don't put your shoes on until your photographer can get a picture of them! I can almost guarantee that you won't keep your wedding day shoes for the next 20 years. So, capture that memory!

I know this sounds like a lot but just get a shoe box, and fill it with these little details as they pop in your head. Then just bring the box to wherever you're getting ready and hand it over to your photographer. Another side note, if you don't know where to get all the cute little personalized thing, Etsy is always your friend.

I hope this helped some of you brides with your weddings coming up! Give your photographer all the details! I promise, they'll LOVE you for it. Especially if it's me!

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