What to look for in a location

He just popped the question! You said yes! You've called all your family and friends, you've chosen your color scheme, flowers and cake! Let's be honest, you've had it all set on a private Pinterest board for awhile now...

You find your photographer, and you set up a time for engagement pictures. You have your outfit, your perfect ring and your hair and makeup all set. But, where to go?

This is a question I feel as if many people are clueless about. They often leave it up to the photographer, and while that's perfectly fine, (you should trust your photographer) your photographer might not know your area. Maybe it's an hour drive and so scouting isn't really an option for them. If you've chosen a photographer who's talented, they can make any location look beautiful! But, you can always give them a little help...

I'm going to give you a couple ideas and tips of what to look for in a location so when your photographer asks if you have any ideas, you'll know exactly what you're looking for!

Tip 1. Somewhere with meaning.

I recently had an engagement session in a glen. Yes, in it. I asked my couple to stand on some rocks in the middle of it. Thankfully, my couples are amazing and they had no qualms with it!

But this glen was important to them as it was the place that Tim proposed to Breianna.

While these pictures are special to them because it's a special time in their lives, it's even more special because this place holds value to them.

So, when your photographer asks, let them know! Maybe you got engaged at a hockey game, your photographer can look into pictures at a stadium. Maybe your story began on a date to the park, that would make a perfect location for pictures! Think back to a place that hold meaning to you.

It will take that location to the next level.

Tip 2. If you want glow, pay attention to the sun.

This sounds odd, but I'll show you an example from the image above to the image below. Above, is Tim and Breianna and their perfect session in the glen. These pictures were beautiful, however because of where they were and the time of day, they didn't get the glow of the golden hour sun. The trees behind them were too thick to let through that much light! So, if you want the glow, pay attention to how much sun can get through and where it will be during the time of your session. If you want glow, don't plan a session for the middle of the forest at 6:30 PM in June. It may happen, but chances are, tall trees and dense foliage will block the sun and you might miss that glow!

In the image below, Tony and Ashlea were at some docks for awhile and then at around 6:30 we moved ourself to get that glow and we had wide open space to capture it!

Now, that doesn't mean you HAVE to have wide open space, but do pay attention to if there's big hills, tall buildings or a tree line that the sun will set behind sooner than it would if you were in wide open spaces.

Tip 3. Match your location to your outfits.

This helped me out so much when I was planning my own family pictures. I knew I wanted pictures in a big golden field with neutral colors. It matches my house, and it matches my style.

Flower crowns and long flowing dresses don't really go with a hipster cafe in the city. The styles just don't match. So, it can help sometimes if you pick your style before your location. For example, the couple pictured below, Zac and Jennaca, they wore more modern style clothing that matched the downtown cafe that they had the first half of their session at. Later, we moved to a sunflower field and so they changed into more of a flowing dress and a dress shirt and tie. It took the session from chic and fun to more soft and romantic.

I hope these few tips will help you all. Whether it be family pictures, a senior or engagement session! You can look for all the same things that a photographer would look for and hope for!

So, when your photographer asks you if you have any location ideas...I hope this helps!

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