Mr & Mrs Stern

I'm going to try not to cry while I sit at my desk. If I do that, my husband will make fun of me. This wedding was different for me. I love all of my brides, but Valerie was different. Not many brides will confide in their vendors the struggles, and changes that they constantly have to deal with. But, Valerie did. We spent hours and hours on the phone before the big day.

I listened to her frustrations, her worries, her excitement, and her love for her fiancé, Greg.

Valerie is a professional wedding coordinator/planner in Connecticut, and I could honestly offer her no advice that she didn't already know. So, I just listened and said, "What?" or, "No way. Oh my goodness." Haha! Looking back, I'm sorry for being absolutely no help, Val!!

However, all of those hours formed a friendship. I got to know Valerie well enough that I could call her my friend, and I consider that such a high honor. I got to hear stories about their love, her admiration for Greg, her love for both of their families, and how she truly believes she's the luckiest girl in the world.

Finally, after plans constantly changed for them, their big day finally arrived.

Valerie planned, designed and organized the most beautiful day.

From the stationary suite, to the dress hanger that came from Paris. Everything was perfect.

I've never seen two people complete each other the way that Greg & Valerie do.

I saw a side of Valerie that was composed, put together, and very guarded. Until she saw Greg. Something changed. She relaxed. Her whole demeanor changed.

It was as if she was at home, and I believe she is whenever she's with Greg.

I can say the same for Greg. When he turned and saw her for the first time, I've never seen him look like that, and I'm so thankful I was able to capture it.

The way he looked at her said so much. The way he gently leads her, always scans the room for her, and puts her before anything and everybody says so much. He adores her. He loves her more than life itself. You can tell. It's written all over his face.

This blog post only scratches the surface of everything this day entailed!

I'm so very honored that I was able to be the one to capture the Stern wedding.

Greg & Valerie, I love you both. I'm so happy for you, and I wish you both every happiness.

Valerie, I'll call you tomorrow.



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